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Web Design we custom design all websites and code them from scratch. This allows us to create superior search engine friendly websites with an emphasis placed on your unique brand and campaign message. We power the content with WordPress which makes it easy for your campaign staff, or yourself, to update the website.
Search Engine Optimization there are many myths surrounding search engine optimization (SEO). The truth is that good SEO involves coding your website and creating content that is tailored for the visitor and not for search engines. We create user-friendly websites that rank very high in Google. We ranked a third party presidential candidate to Page 2 on Google.
WordPress Development we build websites that are powered by WordPress. This makes it easy for you to update the website yourself and for us to upgrade your website as it grows with ease.

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We Help Grassroots Candidates & Activists Get Their Message Out

Welcome to Liberty Web Ventures™! Our mission is to provide discounted professional web development and web management services to grassroots political candidates and activists. Our services include everything you need to get started on your political web venture. Our services include:

  • Web Design & Development: we custom design a website for you from scratch or help you pick a design from millions of readily available templates and set it up for you.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): because we custom code every website’s layout, your website will have maximum SEO. We have extensive experience and credentials to backup our SEO services.
  • Ongoing Web Management: all of our clients receive year-round web management services. During your tenure with Liberty Web Ventures™ you receive hosting, weekly website backup services, website security, customer support, domain name management, search engine optimization, consultation, web marketing consultation, email support and on-demand metrics for your website.
    • Web Hosting: we provide hosting for your website(s) including your main campaign/activism website in addition to any secondary websites you may need including internal campaign message board systems and the like.
    • Domain Name Registration Management: we may register and manage your domain names for you. This means you simply tell us what website you want (e.g., and we’ll register and manage it for you.
    • WordPress Development: we build all websites on the WordPress content management system. WordPress has quickly become a dominant leader in content management. It makes it easy for anyone in your campaign to update basic content on your website and to post news articles.

  • Social Media & Web Marketing: we provide internet press release editing and publishing, email blasts and social media customization and consultation.
    • Facebook: no campaign is complete with out a professionally customized Facebook Page. We provide completely customized pages with your own custom header image. This helps to create synergy between your online branding and marketing. Additionally, we will enhance your website with Facebook widgets such as comment boxes so visitors can comment and ask questions as well as “like” buttons so visitors can easily share your campaign with friends.
    • YouTube: you will undoubtedly have many videos throughout your campaign or activism. We setup customized YouTube channels and help you properly optimize them for best search engine results. Additionally, we can make edits to your videos or even develop promotional videos for you.
    • Other Networks: we also utilize Google+, Twitter and a variety of other social media outlets depending upon your needs.

  • Fundraising: have you heard of a money bomb? We are able to help you plan, promote and execute a money bomb. Money bombs are online-based fundraisers which seek to raise a large sum of monies in a single day utilizing social media and similar technologies. We have successfully helped grassroots candidates raise more than $60,000 through online fundraising.
  • Blogging: every political campaign and political activist needs a blog. The most important aspects of your campaign are to get the message out to voters and to raise money. A blog is one of the most effective means of reaching a plethora of voters and potential donors. All of our websites come fully equipped with a blog for you to post the latest news and campaign/activist happenings.

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